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Hair Transplant: Is It a Long Term Permanent Solution?

Last Updated on April 29, 2023 by Derma Arts Team

Are you concerned about the outcomes of a hair transplant?

How do you choose the option that will produce the best outcome for you?

You might picture the obvious, uneven hair plugs of the past when you think of hair transplants. However, in the last ten years, in particular, hair transplants have evolved drastically.

Hair restoration, also known as hair transplantation, is an outpatient treatment that uses micrografting for the transfer of your own hair follicles to balding areas of your hair scalp.

A safe and professionally done hair transplant can be permanent, typically lasting a lifetime and up to 20 years. In places where you are balding, hair transplantation moves permanent hairs from the back and sides of your head that are not affected by the hair loss process. A hair transplant can be a long-term cure for baldness since these lifelong hairs retain their longevity when they are moved to a new place on the scalp.

You may learn more about the outcomes of a hair transplant, what to anticipate, and various procedure types by reading this article.

What Is Hair Transplant?

the surgical method used for obtaining hair follicles from “donor sites” on the body and transplanting them to bald body parts or bald heads. The main purpose of this method is to treat hair loss.

How Do Hair Implants Function?

During a hair transplant operation, a doctor removes your existing hair and transplants it to an area where you are bald. The hair is often plucked from the back of the head, but other body regions may also be used. Your surgeon sterilizes the area where the hair must be removed and administers local anesthetic before beginning the transplant procedure.

What Are the Procedures for Hair Transplantation?

There are now two different updated and modern hair transplantation techniques used.

In a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) surgical procedure, a strip of your own hair follicles from the lower part of your head is transplanted to bald or thinning portions of your head.

During a Follicular Unit Extraction (FEU), tiny punctures are used to transplant hair follicles from all over the head to bald or thinning parts of the scalp.

Both methods of hair transplantation have been determined to be permanent.

Is Hair Transplant a Long-Term Solution?

It takes some time for your skin to repair after hair follicles are transplanted into regions where your hair is receding. It is actually quite common for some of your hair to fall out during the first three months after the hair transplant treatment.

It may take more or less six to twelve months for your body to heal properly. The transplanted hair follicle, however, starts to grow hair after the healing process is over, covering the bald spots on your scalp. As you age, this hair will normally continue to grow.

There is no method to return the hair follicles to their former position because the hair follicle relocation is permanent. However, the transplanted hair follicles have a lifespan much like the rest of your hair follicles. It’s possible that they’ll eventually stop growing hair as quickly.

Why Is a Hair Transplant So Resilient and Long Lasting?

Even when they are elderly, a balding man or woman will still retain hair on the sides and back. This is due to the fact that certain locations are unaffected by the hair loss causing factors. However, the top and crown of the head are more susceptible to hair loss, particularly in cases of androgenic alopecia also known as male or female pattern hair loss.

Because of this, your side and back hairs are more likely to remain on your head for the duration of your life. These hairs retain their resistance when we remove and transplant them from those locations to an area where you are balding. This implies that they stay in the new location for an extended period of time, perhaps making a hair transplant permanent.

The Conclusion

It is a process that is incredibly helpful for patients facing balding problems when done properly. It’s critical to keep in mind that a patient’s condition deteriorates when the wrong doctor is selected. The best surgeon is the one who does the operation according to standard procedure.

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