How to remove acne scars naturally in a week

Tips for Acne Scars Removal Naturally in a Week

Last Updated on April 30, 2023 by Derma Arts Team

Acne scarring is like a double punishment because acne and pimples are already unpleasant. You must first deal with the inflammations before you can address the permanent markings and scars they leave behind. scarring is brought on by severe acne that has cysts under the skin that are packed with pus. Then it creates a scar that lasts for days, months, and perhaps years and impairs the appearance of the skin. Therefore, one should seek out any practical home cures or acne treatments. 

Our self-esteem can be impacted by acne and the severe scars it leaves behind. However, there is an aspect of optimism. There are techniques to get rid of acne scars naturally in addition to clinical acne scar treatments, which are always an option. so if you want to know how to remove acne scars naturally in a week, follow these steps.

Natural therapies that are simple to understand and accessible even at home are the only other option if acne scar removal solutions do not work. Natural substances provide the benefits of being inexpensive and having no negative side effects.

Let’s discuss some natural treatments for acne scars that are readily available and may be made at home.

Guide to naturally removing acne scars fast

There are several naturally occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components that assist lessen acne scarring. Food things you already have in your home, such as honey, potatoes, turmeric, and more, will quickly smooth out those unpleasant bumps on your face. But as always, patience is essential. You might grow tired of seeing this specific sentence in every beauty advice you read, but removing acne scars quickly does require a consistent skincare regimen that is followed every day.

Here are some excellent home treatments that will help you get rid of dark spots and acne scars quickly.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel, in addition to its various medicinal benefits, is a wonderful natural element that also contains vitamins, aids in the healing of the skin, and lightens scars. Black spots and dark shades can be lightened by periodically massaging the gel onto the skin, paying special attention to scars, for 30 minutes, and then washing it off with clean water.

Multani Mitti

This clay opens up congested pores and provides a deep clean for the skin. It removes skin pollutants that might lead to acne and works well as an exfoliant. Additionally, it tightens the skin and removes extra oil, which lessens scarring.

Turmeric Powder

When it comes to skincare, turmeric powder offers many advantages. Its antimicrobial qualities make it a valuable ingredient in home therapies for acne scar removal. For eradicating acne and removing dark spots, turmeric powder works wonders. 

The Olive Oil

Olive oil is another simple at-home treatment for acne scars. Although oil is used in cooking, dabbing a few drops onto a cotton ball and massaging the scarred skin several times a day will help to gradually fade the marks. Olive oil is used for health purposes all over the world due to the antioxidants that it contains.

Sandalwood or Chandan Powder

Another effective natural treatment for acne scars is sandalwood. Women in India use it frequently and have done so historically due to how well it removes impurities from the skin. Make a paste from sandalwood powder and as much water as necessary, add a few drops of oil, then apply it to the affected regions. Continue the procedure until all traces of the scars or imperfections are gone.


Potatoes have long been used as a treatment for many skin issues. It makes your face glow by reducing redness and blemishes, tightening open pores, and erasing acne scars to smooth out the texture of your skin. Apply fresh potato slices cut into thin slices on the scars. After waiting for ten minutes, wash your face.


Honey is regarded as a natural moisturizer. Avoid the processed honey that we typically get from grocery stores. To get rid of blemishes, gather raw honey and gently massage a few drops over the troublesome region each day. A few drops of honey and lemon juice may speed up the healing of acne scars.

Scars from acne have long been a major problem for people, particularly for women. But despite the fact that there may be inexpensive options for getting rid of acne or pimple scars, we frequently opt for pricey procedures that occasionally produce the desired results. Acne scars can be removed quickly and safely with natural substances and eating habits without any negative side effects.

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