Hand and foot care require unique emphasis because the pores and skin are thicker and uncovered to put on and tear the surroundings extra often. So, you want to scrub them to get rid of dust and irritants and exfoliate to clean the thick pores and skin, then moisturize them to repair the tender and supple appearance.

Step 1:- Cleaning

Cleaning of arms and feet has to be executed while taking a tub with vigorously massaging cleaning soap or liquid cleaner. Do now no longer neglect about to smooth in among feet and fingers. You may smooth your hand numerous instances an afternoon; however, don't forget to you wash your hand, moisturize them specifically if the pores and skin of your hand feel dry and stretched. You have to smooth and moisturize your feet simply earlier than going to bed; this will get rid of now no longer most uncomplicated dust however additionally resource in getting sound sleep.

Hand & Foot Rejuvenation treatments in Delhi
Step 2:- Exfoliate

The skin of feet receives thickened in regions of regular stress primary to the formation of callus and painful corns, specifically if these thick pores and skin aren't always removed. These smaller pores and skin is fabricated from useless pores and skin cells compacted together. Exfoliation will assist in getting rid of those useless cells giving a smoother appearance for your feet. There are techniques of exfoliation:

Pumice Stone:  You have to scrub the thick pores and skin of your feet with the aid of rubbing with a pumice stone as a minimum as soon as a week. The stress on the pumice stone has to be neither too mild nor harsh, simply sufficient so that it does now no longer hurt.

Scrub:  You can use nutshell or pumice primarily based scrubs on arms and feet a couple of times a week. Massage scrub for a couple of minutes, operating on thick regions and among feet and fingers.

Step 3:- Moisturise

The skin of arms and feet gets dry without problems because they lack oil-secreting glands even though there are ample sweat glands. Besides the inherent tendency of dryness, arms are often uncovered to water, detergent, and different family irritants that similarly strip herbal moisturizing elements that are destructive to pores and skin barrier and, henceforth, dermatitis. To hold your arms tender and supple, moisturize them after every hand wash or as a minimum while you sense dryness or stretch within your arms' pores and skin. In assessing the regular moisturizing recurring components, two times an afternoon moisturizer software on ft within the morning and at bedtime is sufficient. To moisturize your hands and feet, you can use petroleum jelly, bland creams, coconut, or sunflower oil.


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