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We all dream of a well-shaped body with every body part in perfect proportion. A perfect body shape makes you look more gorgeous and accents your personality with a different kind of grace, charm, and poise.

However, achieving that perfect body shape is a dream for many. No matter how much you work out or follow a diet, sometimes the fats clinging to the body just don't seem to leave you alone. Such stubborn fats can easily be removed with procedures at the best body shaping clinic in Delhi such as Shape 360.

What is body shape 360?

Shape 360 is an advanced body shaping and contouring procedure that eliminates stubborn body fats through a cooling mechanism. As the body fats are frozen, they gradually dissolve within the body and make the fat layers thinner. The dissolved body fats are eliminated through the natural body metabolism, and the remaining thinner fat layers look more shaped and contoured.

The best body shaping treatment in Delhi is done using a Shape 360 machine which is an advanced equipment in medical science and dermatology to help people achieve their dream of a well toned body and perfect body shape.

Body Shaping Treatment

What happens during Body Reshaping Treatment?

It's a simple body shaping procedure in which the patient can sit comfortably and even do normal daily tasks and activities.

The most essential thing in the procedure is to discuss the expectations of the patient from the procedure. The cosmetic surgeon sits together with the patient to have a detailed discussion about the targeted body areas.

The patient tells what areas of the body they want contoured. Generally, areas like the backside of the breast, buttocks, armpits, thighs, neck, hips, and abdomen are the targeted areas.

Once the targeted areas are discussed, the doctor marks those areas, and then they are strategically placed under the Shape 360 equipment to allow the freezing and cooling of the fat cells.

While the cooling pressure is applied to the targeted body parts, the patients can do any regular activity they would do otherwise when sitting or lying down leisurely.

Once the cooling is applied to the fat cells, they start to freeze and dissolve within the body, thereby thinning the fatty layers and making the body come to a proper shape.

While this happens, no other surrounding tissues in the skin are affected, and the skin remains just the same. So, you need not worry about your skin getting loose or of any other side effects of the procedure.

The procedure is 100% safe, and you'll love the final results which will be a better body shape with smooth-looking gorgeous skin.

Where to get body shaping treatment in Delhi?

Shape 360 is an excellent procedure to contour your body and bring it to a perfect shape through the cooling action of radio frequency infrared light energy particles. However, only an authorized and certified dermatologist with experience in working with the machine should administer the process.

At Derma Arts, you will find the most experienced aesthetic surgeons and paramedics working at the center, well-qualified to help you meet your skin and body shape goals.

So, book your appointment with Derma Arts and come one step closer to your dream body type and shape.


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