Derma Arts waterless manicures and pedicures are relaxing, snug, and painless treatments that guarantee each the health and wonder of your hands and feet. The treatment leaves your hands and feet trying and feeling healthy, engaging, and revitalized.

The procedure offers exceptionally long-lasting results.

The treatment is ideal for people with diabetes because it reduces the chance of ulcers and improves the sensitivity of the feet. The waterless treatment can be the only non-surgical treatment for ingrowing toenails as it can gently treat and relieve the condition. This treatment conjointly helps treat ugly and stained nails with special instruments like fine drills and burrs that lightly take away the pathologic space and even out the nail plate.

How does it work?

The arid procedure is performed on dry hands and feet to make sure exceptionally long-lasting results. Corns, calluses, and challenging, dry skin are safely removed, toenails are cut, formed, and buffed sterile exactness instrument. Followed by reposeful foot reflexology.

Merchandise developed with specific medicine wants in mind. The chief ingredient, an exceptionally organic Australian emu oil that has healing, anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and renders the hands and feet lighter, softer, and moisturized.

These exceptional treatments guarantee that your hands and feet aren't simply sleek and polished but conjointly healthy and nourished.

Waterless Medical Pedicure Treatment In Delhi

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