What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyper Pigmentation refers to a skin disorder in which patches of the skin get darker than the rest of the skin. These dark patches around the mouth, face, and neck occur due to deposits of excess melanin. (Colour-producing pigment) When melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) get damaged, they produce extra melanin that tends to bundle together. Such clusters on certain parts of the skin result in the formation of dark patches or hyperpigmentation. These are susceptible to all age groups and are generally harmless.So you should opt for a pigmentation treatment.

Causes of Hyper Pigmentation/ Skin Pigmentation/ Face Pigmentation

  • Frequent exposure to the sun
  • Melasma
  • Skin Inflammation
  • Utilization of certain drugs
  • Solar lentigines or age spots

Common Types of Hyperpigmentation

Before we plunge into the different pigmentation treatment methods, it is crucial to understand different forms of hyperpigmentation.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: Usually, this occurs due to acne or skin injury (injury during procedures like laser therapy, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. Due to the increase in melanin production, the patches can appear red, pink, brown, or black. Solar lentigines: These generally manifest on the parts which are exposed to the sun. When you tell your skin to harmful UVA or UVB rays for an extended time interval, it drives excess melanin production through melanocytes. This increase in melanin gives discolored patches on the skin.

Melasma: These commonly occur due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and are technically known as the mask of aging.This type of pigmentation appears as brown or gray patches on the face, especially on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and upper lip.

Sunspots or Agespots: These are sunburn-related brown, tan, or black blotches that develop on the skin. Older persons or those with fair skin who have spent a lot of time in the sun are more likely to develop them. Although they are often benign, they can signify skin injury or precancerous alterations

Lentigines: Lentigines are tiny, black patches that develop on the skin after exposure to the sun, much like sunspots. They can show up anywhere on the body and are more prevalent in those with pale skin.

Freckles: Small, flat, brown patches called freckles are frequently found on the face, arms, and shoulders. They are a kind of pigmentation that develops when melanin, the pigment that gives skin its colour, is produced more than usual.

Dark Under Eye Circle: A frequent cosmetic problem, dark circles around the eyes can be brought on by a number of things, including pigmentation. Due to the thinness and fragility of the skin around the eyes, when the blood vessels under the skin become visible from the area's loss of fat, it can result in a dark or bluish discoloration.

We at Derma Arts recommend the best pigmentation treatment in Delhi considering your skin sensitivity and type and your personal preference.

Derma Arts Pigmentation Treatments in Delhi

Medication:  To lighten and level out skin tone, you can utilise topical treatments like creams and serums. A topical cream that reduces melanin production, which can help lighten hyperpigmented areas. For greater effectiveness, it may also be used with other drugs, such as retinoids.

Chemical Peels:  Chemical peeling refers to measured chemical burning of the skin. It uses chemicals like lactic acid and glycolic acid to eliminate the top layer of the skin. Chemical peels away the hyperpigmented skin and enables new skin cells to push up the surface.

Laser Pigmentation Removal:  If you are suffering from significant indications of hyperpigmentation, you should consider laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi. In this procedure, light beams are targeted at the skin to eliminate the epidermal piles of the skin. Your dermatologist is the best person to prefer you the skin pigmentation treatment after analysing your skin.

You can get lip pigmentation treatment or laser pigmentation removal treatment for other parts of body.

Microdermabrasion:  The dermatologist uses a handheld machine(attached to an abrasive) in this dermatologic treatment which is like the best treatment for pigmentation. This machine is rolled over the skin to remove the top layer of the skin and its Pigmentation. The process requires several sittings for the best result.

At Derma Arts, you can get the best skin pigmentation treatment in Delhi on face and other body parts.

Pigmentation Treatment Cost in Delhi

The pigmentation treatment cost in delhi varies according to the skin condition and type of treatment administered. We suggest you the best procedure for hyperpigmentation based on your skin needs.


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