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Derma Arts Academy is bringing its expertise to the Aesthetics and Cosmetics Industry

Do aesthetics and beauty inspire you as nothing else ever has? Do you believe that everyone deserves to have stunning aesthetics and wish to help people achieve their dream looks? Are you passionate about it to the core? Are you looking for career in aesthetics or permanent make up techniques?

Well, if you answered yes, Derma Arts is the perfect place for you – a Permanent Makeup Training Academy that makes you an expert in performing permanent makeup procedure and also opens up gates for your career growth.

Administering these permanent makeup procedures requires skills, expertise, and experience as you are working on changing someone’s physical appearance for a long time and it should be for good.

Our training is designed for both beginners and experts in the industry that have prior aesthetic experience or are looking to enhance their skillset. The training includes hands on experience on clients and in-house workshops, which will teach you the art of applying permanent makeup.

At Derma Arts, you will get a chance to learn and train under the guidance of the best and most qualified aesthetic dermatologist Dr. Mitra Amiri who have 12+ years of experience and expertise in administering permanent makeup procedures.

Its best suited for you if you are interested in the field of aesthetics or your current profession lines up with our procedures. We are training you in all facets of Permanent Makeup and Facial aesthetics, where you gain the knowledge and understanding of the techniques and the technology behind it.

Also, Derma Arts certification will add a feather in your career being one of the pioneer in the industry since many years.

Derma Arts Certification will boost your chances of having a clinic of your dreams as well.