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Everyone likes a head full of hair that they can style and look gorgeous. However, hair fall often makes us worried. The fact, however, is that it is okay to lose some hair each day. Shedding 50- 100 hairs a day is part of the process and the head usually replaces them with newer growth. However, when this replacement doesn't happen and you start seeing bald patches on your scalp, that's when the trouble is real and needs attention at the best hair treatment clinic in Delhi.

You can get the best hair loss treatment for men and women at derma arts.

What is Hair Loss?

Regular shedding of hair is a common phenomenon, however, when the hair starts shedding more than what's normal and leaves bald patches on your scalp, it can be referred to as hair loss.

In specific medical terms, hair loss is also called Alopecia and different forms of alopecia can be seen in people due to different reasons.

Improper eating habits, stress, anxiety, aging, and lifestyle are huge reasons for hair loss problems in many people. Besides lifestyle issues, certain diseases like autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal problems, etc., can also cause hair loss. Moreover, hair loss can also occur as a side effect of surgery or certain medicines and drugs, and supplements.

Whatever be the reason, it's a huge concern and leads to the lost charm and beauty of your hair and physical appearance. So, it's essential to treat the problem without any delay.

Thankfully, the use of advanced technologies and more efficient techniques for cosmetic treatments and surgeries have made hair loss treatments much more effective and result-giving.

So, finding the right treatment for you will not be a problem at all, especially when you consider Derma Arts. With qualified and experienced hair fall treatment doctor who is expert in hair loss treatment, Dermaarts promises the safest and most result-giving hair treatment in delhi with state-of-art technology and different hair loss treatment procedures that suit your hair condition and treatment needs.

Hair Loss Treatments at Derma Arts

Nowadays, most of the people face problems of hair loss like patching or hair thinning. By maintaining the good her health, one can easily get rid of such problems. However, due to busy schedules, having good hair has become one of the most complex tasks. Here at Derma Arts, we're having the best hair loss treatments for all those having hair fall issues. Either you are having patches or facing hair thinning problems, we have the best solution for hair fall for you. We perform the PRP treatment, mesotherapy, alopecia treatment and others without any complexity. Before providing any treatment we understand the requirement of our client and then offer the best solution.

At Derma Arts, we are having treatments available for dandruff, damaged here, hair loss, patches, and hair thinning, sensitive, oily or itchy scalp.

Reasons of hair loss in both Men and Women:

It's not that only males or only females have the hair thinning or hair loss issues. Nowadays, in every gender we can see such issues. Hair loss does not only occur because of the hormonal issues but also the daily lifestyle is one of the major reasons. However in males and females some reasons are quite different from each other.

Usually, in males, the hair thinning is one of the common problems and the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is majorly responsible for it. According to the experts, in the males, the hair thinning and hair loss problem must be treated as early as possible.

However on the other hand, in women hereditary plays an important role in hair thinning and hair loss. Most of the women lost their hair due to hormonal imbalance or problems like thyroid, PCOD, post pregnancy or before or during the menopause. Usually females lost their hair from the front and the crown area.

Hair Treatment in Delhi

Hair Patches:  Sometimes due to particular allergies patience faces the problem of hair loss in patches. This problem usually gets accompanied by tingling, eating and sensitivity in the scalp area. Our dermatologists are having solutions for the same as well.

Dandruff:  Dandruff is one of the most common problems that people face. However in some cases it becomes a serious issue and leads to other skin conditions as well. Usually dandruff is caused due to seborrhoea dermatitis. In this, the skin of the scalp turns red, oily and scaly.

Hair Damaging:  Nowadays, the lifestyle has enhanced a lot. People regularly use chemicals and bleach on their hair that actually leads to damage. Using excessive heat, harsh products, color treatments, pollution, and also the long medication's leads to the damage her condition. At Derma Arts, we are having the best therapies and treatments available for the damage here problems.

We are having the best hair fall treatment doctor:

Due to poor lifestyle, age, stress and other reasons people also face Hair loss or hair thinning problems. And this also affects the self-confidence of the person. At Derma Arts, we understand the situation and offer the best hair treatment in Delhi to our patients. Our dermatologists understand how much your hair is important for you and offer you the experience that you love.

Reason for hair fall:

  • Androgenic alopecia: Male Pattern Baldness
  • Stress
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Dandruff
  • Excessive Oily Scalp
  • Thyroid Imbalance, Anaemia
  • Hair Dye, Bleaching, Straightenin Etc

Some of the treatment options available at Derma Arts are-

Hair PRP:  PRP refers to platelet-rich-plasma which helps stimulate natural hair growth by injecting processed blood into the hair follicles. The therapy involves blood being taken out from the patient's body which is then processed for hair regrowth stimulation. Finally, the processed blood is injected directly into the scalp thereby stimulating the hair follicles with improved flow of blood in them. This hair loss treatment is helpful to increase thickness of the hair as well which makes them look more voluminous. The major benefit of PRP is that it's an entirely natural process and is administered without any incisions. So, you don't have to worry about pain or discomfort from the treatment and you can naturally have your hair back in a matter of few months.

Mesotherapy:  Mesotherapy is very similar to the PRP therapy. However, rather than processed blood, more vital elements such as certain vitamins, etc., are injected in the scalp to enhance the vitamin production as well as blood flow in the body. As more vitamin is produced and directly absorbed by the hair follicles, it leads to enhanced hair regrowth. The hair also grows stronger than before with the hair follicles enriched with essential vitamins and other nutrients. One of the major ways in which this therapy works is that it eliminates the DHT hormone in the body in addition to stimulating proper blood flow. The elimination are hormone is elemental in preventing hair loss and maintaining the volume of the hair. Another benefit of the therapy is that it's entirely natural and thre minimal to no side effects caused.

Scalp Micropigmentation:  Scalp Micropigmentation is a camouflage treatment that involves tattooing your scalp with tiny dots that look like hair. The camouflage created perfectly blends into the already present hair on your scalp. You need to note that this process does not lead to any natural hair growth and it will not alter the appearance or characteristics of your natural hair either. Instead, it's a simple non-invasive cosmetic procedure, more like a permanent makeup that makes your head look full of hair despite the uncontrollable conditions of hair loss or hair thinning such as Alopecia, etc. The main benefits of this treatment are that it's non-invasive which means that there will be no downtime at all. The hair treatment results are seen immediately as the camouflage appears on your scalp and you don't have to wait for your hair to grow. The process also doesn't have any downtime which comes with other treatments. Finally, it doesn't cost you a lot.

Laser Light Therapy:  Laser light therapy is another process to stimulate natural hair regrowth by exposing the hair to red laser light. The laser light radiates photons in the scalp tissues and the weaker cells in those tissues absorb these photons. In addition to the photon absorption, the laser light also acts on increasing the blood flow in the hair follicles which leads to increased absorption of essential hair vitamins and nutrients. With all this absorption and stimulation, the hair follicles are strengthened and you can see the process of natural hair regrowth benefitting you with a fuller head with voluminous hair.

Multi Vitamin Hair Therapy:  in tandem, you can see great and quick results with multi vitamin hair loss treatment. This therapy involves use of different multi vitamins that promote hair regrowth, restoration, and rejuvenation. The process is entirely natural and it focuses on increasing the flow of blood and other hair vitamins and nutrients in your hair follicles. As the hair follicles absorb essential hair vitamins and nutrients, it promotes hair regrowth faster. The major benefit of the therapy is that it's painless and show's very quick results. The multivitamins are also effective in preventing aging of the hair follicles and they even promote growth of newer hair follicles. With all these processes working

Best hair dermatologist in delhi will thoroughly analyze your hair loss condition and suggest you the best treatment options that will work for you 100%

So, what are you waiting for? You don't want this hair loss trouble to scare you, stress you, and take away your look and beauty with those hairs on your head. So, don't sit back, get your consultation for hair loss treatments now, and get rid of the problem so that you can let your hair down when it's time for a party, get-together, meeting, or any other occasion! AFE

Hair PRP Treatment Before & After

Hair Loss Before & After
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