Advanced EM Contouring Treatment

The physical activity and exercise that your body gets from a workout are essential to burn fats and stay in proper shape. However, sometimes, even after all the efforts, you are not able to achieve the level of muscle contraction essential to burn that stubborn fat clinging to your body.

EM Contoring is a procedure that can help burn such stubborn fats and help you achieve a better level of physical fitness and physical appearance.

You can get the best Advanced EM contouring treatment in Delhi, at Derma Arts, the best clinic for ems body contouring treatments.

What are Advanced EM Contouring Treatment?

Advanced EM contouring treatment is a non surgical body shaping procedure and body contouring procedure that involves the use of high intensity focused electromagnetic technology to produce a cooling effect on the muscles to contract them beyond what any regular exercise can do so as to produce pressure on the fat cells, thereby dissolving and eliminating them through body's natural metabolism.

With the latest technology that blends high intensity focused electromagnetic technology and infrared radiations together, EM Contouring is an efficient non surgical body shaping procedure to shape all body parts, mainly including the abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, and buttocks.

In addition to shaping the body and making it look more well proportioned and gorgeous, EM Contouring is a great procedure for maintaining physical fitness as it contracts and relaxes the muscles and gives them the much needed physical workout.

Besides muscle contraction and relaxation, the process is also helpful in relieving you of muscle soreness and muscle spasms and enhancing blood circulation.

Increased muscle relaxation also leads to better muscle growth which is essential for a well-contoured body that looks gorgeous and amazing.

Other benefits of the process are that it has no downtime at all and you can resume your regular activities soon after the treatment.

Moreover, even though electromagnetic technology and infrared lights are used during the procedure, there are no radiations whatsoever.

Being such an advanced procedure, you can expect the process to get completed in no time at all and without any pain or discomfort.

EM Contouring Treatment

What happens during EM Body Contouring?

EM Body contouring is a simple body shaping and contouring procedure wherein your target body areas for contouring are discussed. After the discussion, the aesthetic surgeon marks the body parts and uses the EM Contouring Machine on those parts to stimulate muscle contraction on a higher level. As these muscles contract, they produce a cooling effect on the fat cells, thereby thinning the fat layers and dissolving the fat cells clinging to the body. As these fat cells are dissolved, they leave the body through its natural metabolism.

Once this treatment is done, you'll feel physically beautiful, fit, and strong and you'll become more confident about your body shape, posture, and personality.

At Derma Arts, EM Contouring is done with the most advanced equipment and the experienced cosmetologists at the clinic ensure meeting your expectations to the best of your satisfaction.

So, walk in now and discuss your EM Contouring with your aesthetic surgeon now.


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