Why Hair Fall in Monsoon

Why Does Hair Fall Happen More in Monsoon?

Last Updated on July 25, 2023 by Derma Arts Team

Weather is an important influence in many people’s daily lives. We are all equally impacted by the weather or environmental factors, no matter where in the world we live. While some people are fortunate enough to reside in areas without severe weather, the majority of us must contend with rain, dust, heat, and other weather extremes. So the question is why hair fall in monsoon? In the season of rain, your hair may start to fall out rather quickly. This is primarily caused by the high humidity, contaminated rainwater, or acid rain that your hair has been exposed to. Your hair may become so dry and brittle from the aforementioned conditions that it is more likely to break.

It should be remembered that even contact with sweat and dirt can cause easy hair loss. Allowing your hair to air dry naturally after every wash is one of the best techniques to prevent hair loss during such seasons. When it comes to drying your hair, a hair dryer with heat protection might also be a fantastic choice.

Anyone who desires stronger hair is also advised to use a hair conditioner or hair oil. In order to prevent hair from breaking easily, it should be kept moisturized. Deep conditioning is also one of the greatest treatments for dry hair as well. Deep conditioning can soften and add shine to dry hair.

We provide you with the best advice and suggestions below suggested by the best dermatologist in Delhi, Dr. Mitra Amiri, to help you stop hair loss in rainy weather.

  • Try to maintain clean, dry hair: Keeping the hair tidy and dry is one of these precautions. We frequently neglect our hair while enjoying the monsoon season, which is what generally happens. Because of this, excessive hair loss and hair breakage are far too frequent during the monsoon season. Therefore, during the rainy season, you must always carefully wash and dry your hair if you want to prevent monsoonal hair fall. It is regarded as one of the finest all-natural strategies to help stop excessive hair fall during the monsoon season, according to experts.
  • Use a gentle shampoo: During the rainy season, using gentle shampoos is a fantastic approach to prevent hair fall. The best shampoos for hair development and grey hair prevention are gentle or natural ones. We already know that those with dry and frizzy hair are more likely to experience hair fall during the rainy season. However, you can greatly reduce hair fall by using a gentle shampoo or one composed of natural substances.
  • Dry your hair completely before tying them: It is crucial to regularly inspect your hair during the monsoon season when hair fall is widespread. The majority of us frequently tie our damp hair and allow it to air dry in the belief that we are protecting the hair. But that is a completely erroneous assumption. Without being properly dried, hair that is tied becomes knotted with itself. Breakage follows extreme pressure. After washing, letting your hair air dry naturally or on its own is the best option. To dry your hair before tying it up, a hair dryer with heat protection might also be a good and, most importantly, risk-free solution.
  • Consume a lot of water: We have been taught the value of getting enough water since the days of our ancestors. However, it still occurs during the summer or monsoon that we have a tendency to overlook this fundamental fact and become dehydrated, which can result in severe hair loss. You should be aware that being hydrated can help stop hair loss of any kind, including the type that is brought on by the rainy season. Therefore, you must understand the significance of water or hydration if you wish to stop experiencing significant hair fall, especially during the monsoon season.

We sincerely hope that you will find the material in this post to be helpful and insightful. If you have any questions about hair fall or any other hair-related issue, feel free to contact us or stop by Best Hair Clinic in Delhi at Derma Arts.