Is Dermapen better than microneedling

Is Dermapen Better than Microneedling?

Last Updated on August 26, 2023 by Derma Arts Team

Dermapen and microneedling contain the maximum similarity, but people are in the confusion Is Dermapen Better than Microneedling, or which service is on the priority level? Dermapen comes in the category of the most expensive microneedling pen. Many microneedling pens are available in the market space, but physicians choose suitable pens as the patients’ skin texture improvement is the major concern. This improvement tends to immediate and long-term improvement. 

Apart from the availability of Dermapen, you can find the MD needle pen. No matter which type of pen your dermatologist takes, they provide you with the micro-needling service to make your skin youthful. In this process, there is the induction of the collagen proportion to improve the texture and skin’s appearance. Due to these characteristics, microneedling grabs the customers’ support, and the skin visible result is appreciable.

The compatibility of the microneedle is up to the mark for all skin types. It does not matter whether it is oily, dry, or normal skin. The treatment procedure is completely safe to give a radiant appearance to your skin. The final result of the microneedling is the same as the invasive procedure. One can get the fair appearance of this skin with the adoption of microneedling as you find in laser and chemical exfoliation. 

Overview of Microneedling

Microneedling is used to create superficial wounds on the skin and make specific changes on the upper layer. This needle is beneficial to set injuries on a surface level. After doing its supposed bio-mechanical action, it does not leave any scar on your skin and zero feeling of pricking experience on the related skin surface. As far as this treatment procedure sounds perfect, this treatment procedure is framed to increase collagen production and radical growth in cell production. 

Once you find this treatment, you can find various positive skin changes. It ranges from bright, and youthful to add stunning texture to your skin. Let us go through the most expected advantages of taking microneedling services one by one.

Find a sufficient boost in collagen production

Clear skin texture in the exchange of acne, scars, and other co-related skin textures

Find the appropriate reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

Get rid of the hyperpigmentation spots

Attain an enhanced complexion and youthful skin appearance

Erase the stretch mark and increase the follicle production

Doing the microneedling at your home does not offer you the deserved result as you cannot give the same touch as medical spas and clinics provide. By the way, professional microneedling uses its analysis regarding the selection of the penetration depth to achieve the aesthetic appearance. So, you must do it under the guidance of the professional 

Overview of Dermapen 

The overall functionalities of dermapen is the same as the microneedling. But, it is the brand recognition for the specific microneedling. It is a top-quality micro-needling pen that is used to increase collagen production with the usage of induction therapy. Once you can take this treatment, you can easily rejuvenate old skin and feel confident. This device is also helpful to control your scar and stimulate your body’s healing process to come to normal condition.

Make the Relative Comparison Between Dermapen and Microneedling

Do not keep much confusion by shortlisting the effective procedure for skin treatment. Dermapens is an automatic micro-needling pen with the availability of one cartridge and 12 microneedles. Mostly spa and dermatologist professional uses this device to give the deserved radiance to particular patients. The tips of this microneedle should be adjusted in the range of 0.50 to 0.25 m.m. 

As soon as this treatment allows in the dermis area, you can find real dynamic improvement in your skin. The cons of this device is that if it is used incorrectly, it can harm more than supposed skin texture benefits. The cost of the dermapen is more than other microneedling devices. To keep this safety and cost variance in mind, choosing the microneedling is a great decision.


If you suffer from a severe skin issue, then you can take microneedling with our skilled dermatologist expert. You can book an appointment for Dermapen Treatment at Derma Arts Clinic. We have the vast experience to deal with skin issues and offer service at the most reasonable price.