Can You Use Makeup After Dermaplaning

Can You Use Makeup After Dermaplaning?

Last Updated on June 29, 2023 by Derma Arts Team

Dermaplaning is an exfoliating technique that involves using a single blade that resembles a scalpel to shave off the top layer of your skin. This removes all peach fuzz, dead skin cells, debris, and small wrinkles. Dermaplaning is typically carried out in a spa by a certified dermatologist and is essentially similar to shaving your face.┬áBut can you use makeup after dermaplaning? let’s find out.

Dermaplaning produces smoother skin, which is an evident and basic outcome. Although individual outcomes may fluctuate, generally speaking, your skin will be smoother, peach fuzz-free, more evenly toned, and perhaps a touch lighter after a dermaplaning visit. Your skin should appear flawless and glowing.

The procedure’s safety and healthfulness are hot topics of debate. Another concern is if you can apply makeup after dermaplaning. Some of these queries will be answered by this article.

When Can You Apply Makeup After Dermaplaning?

For a period of 24 to 48 hours, it is preferable to refrain from applying makeup. Your skin should have adequate time to recuperate from the dermaplaning procedure as a result. However, those with particularly sensitive skin will need to wait longer. Your skin will have time to recover from the procedure and renew from the impacts of dermaplaning as a result. Inflammation or discomfort will be less likely. Additionally, this will allow your skin time to absorb any post-treatment creams or moisturisers that may have been used. Before applying any makeup, ensure your skin has been thoroughly cleaned.

But prior to the 24-hour mark, you might have to wear cosmetics. Use clean, germ-free instruments in that situation, and stay away from treatments that have abrasive or irritating components, including acids or exfoliants. Additionally, when applying makeup, use soft, sweeping motions to prevent upsetting the skin and aggravating it further.

Why Isn’t Makeup Worn Soon After Dermaplaning?

Although you can wear makeup after it, you shouldn’t do it right away. These are the reasons you shouldn’t use the products immediately afterwards.

Cause of skin’s dryness and redness: The exfoliation procedure may cause your skin to remain dry and red in some spots. This is normal and should pass if nothing has gone wrong.

Skin inflammation-causing factor: Possible lack of response to treatment. You must remember that some of your skin was taken, though. Your skin becomes more vulnerable and sensitive as a result. If your skin is already in this condition, using cosmetics could make it even worse by inflaming it.

Cause instant absorption of the skin: Not all cosmetics come with risks. Some cosmetics, such as foundation, concealer, highlighter, and blush, rapidly saturate your skin. Avoid using these things. While you can immediately put on mascara and eye cosmetics following the procedure.

What to Do Following Dermaplaning?

Put on sunscreen: Sunscreen is a daily must if you want to prevent skin cancer. However, since you just had your top layer of skin shaved off with dermaplaning, this step is very essential. Your skin is more vulnerable to UV damage when you remove old skin cells to reveal fresh ones that haven’t been exposed to the outdoors.

Apply moisturiser: Dermaplaning is followed by moisturising your skin. You can use a variety of serums to cover your face with moisturising goods. Most people use products containing hyaluronic acid to increase skin hydration. Lightweight treatments are best for those with sensitive skin because they won’t irritate or burden the skin. To avoid clogging your pores with oil or grease, choose liquid or cream formulas that combine smoothly.

Avoid using Actives: Avoiding active ingredients means avoiding any powerful skin care treatments. AHAs, BHAs, vitamin C, and retinols/retinoids are examples of these. Because your new skin has just been exposed, those active can irritate, burn, or cause an allergic reaction to the skin. Use moderate skin care products, such as a moisturiser that protects your skin barrier and a gentle cleanser.

Avoid extremely hot temperatures: You need to stay away from situations with high heat because you want to prevent anything from irritating or inflaming your skin. This includes engaging in any activity that will result in sweating, such as working out, relaxing on the beach, using saunas or hot showers. By doing this, you can be certain that you’ll recover entirely within the allotted 24-hour period.

Exfoliation should be avoided: You should refrain from any other forms of exfoliation for at least the following 5-7 days after dermaplaning because it just exfoliated your skin. Scrubs and chemical exfoliants should be strictly avoided. The skin barrier can be damaged by excessive exfoliation, which can also lead to irritation, discolouration, inflammation, and infections.


We advise delaying makeup application for at least 24 hours following dermaplaning. After the procedure, the skin barrier is more vulnerable. Choose products with a light formula, little to no coverage, natural or mineral ingredients, and are oil-free or non-comedogenic. As an alternative to applying makeup to your face, moisturise your skin and protect it with sunscreen or an umbrella.

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